Omega VRT350 Juicer Review

Omega vrt350There are several vertical slow juicers on the market currently, but the Omegavert vrt350 is one of the best and highly appreciated by several consumers for good reasons.  This is a heavy duty single auger slow juicer that is designed to prevent oxidation and alteration of your juice. It is ideal for extraction juice from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It specifically designed to maximize juice yield while producing minimal waste. The omega vrt350 juicer is a vertical slow juicer also known as upright masticating juicer. It is one of the best Omega juicer.

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The terms low speed or slow speed can sometimes be confusing for many people who are new to juicers. In fact this low speed is a good thing because it preserves the nutritional quality and natural taste of your juice. If you are looking for the omega vrt350 juicer reviews before you make your purchase, you can find the right information here.

 What is the Omegavrt350 all about?

The omega vertical masticating juicer vrt350 is a slow juicer that is ideal for producing high quality juice. This juicer comes with an auto cleaning system that simplifies the task for you. This juicer is ideal for cold press juice production. The juice yield is very high without omega vrt 350 1compromising its quality.

Typically with a low speed of 80 rpm, virtually no heat is produce and this will preserve the vitamins and enzymes contained in your fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, this allows the juice to be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation. You can use this machine for juicing wheatgrass, leafy greens, vegetables and a wide variety of fruits.

How does the Omega vrt350 work?

The Omega vrt350 is a masticating juicer that uses a dual stage extraction system. The machine first crushes the fruit or vegetable to extract the juice. The pulp is then squeezed to release any leftover juice before being ejected. The process results in higher amount of juice and a much dryer pulp.

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Is the omega juicer vrt350 reliable?

Yes, the Omega vrt350 is a reliable vertical slow juicer. It is one of the best masticating juicer in the juicing industry. The yield is high and the technology inside this juicer ensures maximum juice extraction from your fruits and vegetables. This appliance has received a tremendous amount of positive reviews on Amazon. This juicer is made of state of the art material, which enhances its juicing capability.

OMEGA VRT350HDPeople appreciate this juicer not only because of the quality of the juicer it produces but also for extended warranty that it comes with. From the day you buy this juicer up to 10 years, if it breaks you can just contact the company and you will get a replacement with no questions asked or additional fees. This clearly indicates that this juicer is built to last. The warranty covers all parts of the juicer. It is hardly to find such guaranty when it comes to slow juicers. Upon ordering this juicer, you will receive a package with all the parts. It is very easy to assemble yourself and taking it apart for cleaning is simple as well.

Features and specifications of the omega vrt juicer

The omega vrt350 HD juicer comes with several features that one would find on a reliable juicer. The vrt350 juicer is made up of durable material that ensures high quality juice production.  It comes with a patented screw design of the auger that squeezes and extracts juice from your food material.

A hopper located at the top of the machine is attached to the bowl which attaches itself to the base of the juicer. This juicer can last for many omega vrt 350 partsyears if taken care of appropriately. The auger in this juicer is made of ULTEM, which make it stronger than most juicers you can find on the market. It works like a charm with hard and soft fruits.

Although it only runs at 80 rpm it is the power of the motor that crushes and extract the juice from your veggies. This low speed extraction process prevents the formation of foam and froth in your juice and prevents oxidation as well. The compact design of the juicer makes it easy to use anywhere you vrt 4

  • Dimension: 7 x 15.5 x 8.5 inches with 22 pound total weight
  • Juicer type: masticating juicing system
  • Uses a dual stage juicing technology
  • Easy to assemble
  • Runs a 150 watt motor with 80 rpm (low speed)
  • Comes with a GE Ultem auger and screen that is 8 time more powerful than most other augers
  • Single speed
  • 3 settings: on, off and reverse
  • Over-sized serving spout
  • Wide feeding tube
  • Food pusher
  • Quiet and stable during operation
  • Small and compact
  • Comes with an automatic wiping system
  • User manual
  • 10-year warranty if you buy it from approved retailers like Amazon.
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Product pros and cons about the omega juicer vrt350


  • Affordable as compared to other slow juicers
  • The juicer is quiet, which is good if you have children
  • Produces high yield, with maximum juicing efficiency
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Does not take a lot of space in your kitchen
  • Can be cleaned in less than five minutes
  • The low speed ensures that the juice is free of foam or froth
  • Durable and long lasting


  • There may be some jamming issue of the juicer with soft veggies like celery
  • There are also complaints about the amount of pulp that is produced in the juice
  • This juicer is slow but it does produce high quality juice.
  • The juicer can only accommodate little amount of food at once. So if you want to produce a large amount of juice, this may be a hassle.
  • Another downside f this juicer is that it takes some time make juice, which is normal for almost all slow juicers.

Cleaning and maintenance of the omega vert vrt350

The cleaning and the maintenance of the omega juicer vrt is actually very easy than you may think. The auto cleaning system, made of silicone reduces the task for you.  It is like the wiping blades of your car. All you have to do is pour water into the juicer and then flush it. You may need to manually remove the leftover of pulp, but it nothing hard to do. The parts are easy to take apart and reassemble afterwards. The parts are not dishwasher safe, so don’t do it.

Final thought about the Omega vert vrt350 juicer

We recommend this juicer if you are looking for a decent juicer. You can rest assured that the omega vrt350 review we presented here is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Comparison of the Omega vrt350 with other juicers

Omega vrt350 vs 370

These two juicers are very similar, and in fact the vrt370 is just an upgraded model of the vrt350. The 370 comes with some extra features that will please some people. It runs on 250 watt motor while the vrt350 uses 150 watt motor.  This means that the 370 is a little bit more powerful than the 350. They all run at 80 rpm and have the same efficiency and juice quality. The Omega vrt370 has a handle that make it easier to operate. You can read more about the feature of the Omega 370 on Amazon.

Omega vrt350 vs vrt400

The vrt400 juicer is an advanced model of the vrt 350 but many of their parts are identical. The main difference between the two juicers is that the vrt400 comes with two juice screens (fine and coarse) while the vrt350 has only one. It also has sieve that strain the juice to control the amount of pulp it contains. The warranty is 15 years for the 400 model and 10 for the 350. With the 400 you have a stopper on the juice port that is designed to prevent dripping of the juice as you pour it. It can also serve for mixing different juice together. The level of noise, which is very low is about the same between the two juicers.

Omega vrt350 vs NC800

The Omega NC800 is a horizontal slow juicer while the vrt 350 is a vertical or upright slow juicer. Both juicers run at 80 rpm, meaning the juicing efficiency is about the same. The NC800 will be more efficient with soft veggies than the 350 juicer. It works better with wheatgrass, parsley or kale. With the vrt350 you cannot control the amount of pulp that is produced in your juice, but with the NC800 you can. Actually it has an adjustable pulp output setting that allows you to customize the amount of pulp you want in your juice. For juicing fruit, the vrt 350 is the best option. If you want to read more about the vrt350 you can click here and for the NC800 juicer here.

Omega vrt350 vs Hurom HU 100

These two juicers are all vertical slow juicer but from different manufacturers. Both use ultern screen for juice filtering. The vrt350 juicer comes with a 10 year warranty for the whole juicer while the Hurom HU-100 has the 10 year warranty for only the motor, the parts having only one year warranty. With the Hurom model you ave a handle that facilitate handling of the juicer but the vrt350 does not have it. No complain has been made for the lack of this handle on the Omega juicer.

Omega vrt30 vs vrt330

Both juicers are from Omega and have similar price. The speed and the wattage are the same for the two juicers. In terms of performance the two juicers are also similar. They are both state of the art juicers that use advance technology. They perform well with soft veggies as well as hard fruits.

Omega vrt350 vs Breville BJS600XL

The Breville BJS600Xl is a horizontal masticating slow juicer It is one of the closest Breville model to the vrt350. The motor uses 240 watt but both juicers run at 80 rpm. So the Breville model is a little bit powerful than the Omega one. When it comes quiet operation, the BJS600XL out performs the vrt 350, but both are quiet as compared to many slow juicers. Also the BJS600XL is a little bit larger than the Omega juicer, so if you do not have a lot of room in your kitchen, you should consider this, go for the vrt350. The warranty on the Breville BJS600XL is only one year, while Omega vrt comes with a 10 year protection. So it is up to you to make the decision.

Omega vrt350 vs J8006

Both from the same manufacturer, the Omega J8006 is a more advanced masticating juicer. It is often dubbed “nutrition center” because it is a versatile juicer that is not only a juicer, but also a food processor. It is a horizontal masticating juicer, while the 350 is a vertical one. The J8006 perform better with leafy greens than the vrt350 juicer. Also the J8006 has more option and control than the vertical juicer mentioned above. So if you are looking for the all in one juicer, go for the Omega J8006 juicer. The main advantage of the vrt350 over the J8006 juicer is that is this juicer is more compact and does not take a lot of space in your kitchen.  Another difference between the two juicers is that you do not need the food pusher in the case of the vrt350 as you do with the J8006 juicer. The cleaning of the J8006 takes less time comparatively to the vertical slow juicer. Sometimes you may see Omega 8006 instead of Omega J8006 online. They both designate the same juicer. It is only a matter of preference on the name.

Frequently asked questions about the omega vrt 350 vertical masticating juicer

We found that many customers are asking a lot of questions about the omega vrt350 juicer masticating before actually placing their order for this juicer. Here we provide you with the best answers.

Where to buy the omegavrt350?

If you are looking to buy this juicer, the best place is You may also find it from other store like Walmart, Target and many others. We highly recommend that you buy from Amazon, because, if you do not like it or if you have changed your mind, you can simply ship it to them and get your money back.

Where to find the cheapest omega vrt350 hd juicer?

If you are looking to buy the omega 350 vrt, the first place to head is

What is the omega vrt350hd juicer best price?

The price of this juicer can really depend on the retailer you choose from.

Can I make smoothie with this juicer?

No, it does not perform well for making smoothie. You better find a blender for that purpose.

Benefits of having a cold press juicer

Having a glass of fresh pressed juice is a great idea for those looking for a healthy life style. Several studies have confirmed that juicing is the best way to supply your organism with its daily requirement of nutrients and vitamins. If you search online you can find an overwhelming number of juicers out there, but they are not all equal.

Basically all juicers can be classified into two mains categories, including centrifugal and masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers are less expensive and are more widespread than masticating juicers. However the problem of these juicers is that they work at very high speed to extract your juice.

This high speed produces heat that degrades enzymes and vitamins contained in your fruits. Sometimes even the natural taste of the fruits is altered. Masticating juicers on the other hand are not widespread and in fact there are only few companies that produce them. They work at low speed, preserving the integrity and quality of your juice. They are more expensive, and some of them can have up 2000 price tag. Nonetheless, they are the best and you can find one for a decent price like the omega vrt 350.

You can read more about cold press juicers on the homepage.

What to consider when buying a juicer

With many juicers currently available on the market it is crucial that identify beforehand the juicer that best fit your need. There are several things to consider if you want to have a great juicing experience.

1-What type of juicer do you want?

There are basically two types of juicers: centrifugal and masticating juicers as described in this article. The first on are the most widely spread and are regarded as lower quality machine as compared to the second category. I am sure everybody wants the best of the best product but not everybody get them for many reason. The most limiting factor is obviously your budget. If you can afford it go for a masticating juicer as the juice produced by this type of machine is much higher quality.

2- What’s your budget for a decent juicer?

Once you determine the type of juicer that you want, the next question you should ask yourself is how much you are willing to pay. There are several price tags and you can find juicers for as less as 50 dollars, but there are also expensive one that can cost you up to $2000 and beyond. You have to be careful though because you don’t want to sacrifice quality over price. For most appliance quality means expensive.

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