Omega Juicer 8007 – cold press juicer 2017

The Omega juicer 8007 is a Cold press juicer, also known as masticating juicer or slow juicer. These types of juicers work at low speed and thus do not produce heat during the juice extraction process. Heat build up in the juicer may destroy much of the nutrients and enzymes that are in the juice.

Cold press juicers are preferred over centrifugal juicers, which operate at high speed and thus produce more heat. The Omega 8007 is a good cold press juicer that is ideal to have in your kitchen. There are many cold press juicer, but the Omega 8007 juicer is among the top juicers that you consider buying.

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What is the Omega juicer 8007 all about?

The Omega juicer 8007 is a cold press juicer that can be used for juicing soft fruits and vegetable. It is ideal for juicing other soft food stuffs such veggies and leafy greens.  The omega 8007 juicer uses a dual masticating system for production of your juice. This is excellent the juice produce by these king of cold press juicers are of higher quality.

How does the Omega 8007 works?

The omega 8007 use low rpm to extract the juice and provide juice that is rich in nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. This slow juicer  produced cold pressed juice that is packed with nutrient . When you buy this juicer, you can rest assured that you will be able to consume juice from your favorite fruits on a daily basis.

Who is the Omega 8007 juicer for?

This juicer is ideal for people who want to consume cold pressed juice. whether you  are single or have a large family, this juicer can serve you to ensure that you can produce juice whenever you want.

Is the Omega 8007 reliable?

Yes, the omega 8007 juicer is a good buy. You can check all the benefits and advantage of this juicer that people are talking about. There are 1000 of reviews on Amazon about this juicer. Click here to check what other are saying about the omega juicer 8007. The omega J8007 is an upgraded model of the omega8006.

Features and specification of the Omega J8007 Nutrition Center Juicer

  • Works at a low speed (80 rpm) thus preserving the nutritional quality of the juice.
  • Dual masticating extraction system
  • Continuous pulp ejection
  • Comes with a mesh strainer
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The benefit of having the Omega 8007 juicer

If you bought the Omega 8007, you will be able to produce juice for yourself and your family on a daily basis. You will no longer have to buy juice from elsewhere that you don’t  know really what you are consuming.

Product pros and cons about the “product”

There are several pros and cons about the omega juicer 8007. Here are some the most prominent:


  • Efficient juice extraction
  • Does not make a lot of noise
  • Ability to control the amount of pulp in the juice
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design and easy to store


  • slow (this is common to all cold press juicer). Although some customers have complained about the speed, it is rather a quality than a bad thing because it preserve the quality of the nutrients in the juice.
  • The feed tube is somewhat small  and may not be able to accommodate some larger fruits. In such circumstance you have to cut the the fruits into smaller pieces. The omega J8006 nutrition center is somewhat far more better than this model
  • Despite these complaints, this is rather a great juicer you should consider buying.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Omega J8007 Nutrition Center Juicer

The Omega J8007 Nutrition Center Juicer is very easy to clean. All parts that need to be cleaned can be easily removed. Those parts can be cleaned under a running tape water. If you are juicing colorful vegetables or fruits, you may want to use hot water to help with the cleaning.

Final thought about the omega j8007 nutrition center

We highly recommend this juicer if you are looking for a good juicer. 

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