HU100 Hurom Slow Juicer Review 2017

The Hurom HU100 Cold Press Slow Juicer is a special juicer that uses a dual stage juicing process for maximum efficiency reliability. It is important that before you go to a spending spree that you check the Hurom juicer reviews before you actually buy.

The Hurom cold press juicer is of particular interest because it produces up to 5 times mores juice than most juicers of the same category. Most importantly the juice comes rich in nutrients and vitamins that are present in your fruits and vegetables.

Having a cup of fresh juice regularly is proven to significantly enhance health and wellness. The Hurom slow juicer is proven to be efficient in providing High quality juice.

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What is this Hurom cold press juicer all about?

The Hurom cold press juicer is about having a regular quality juice at your disposal. It is well appreciated by several customer who have left several positive review about this juicer on Amazon. You can see also other Hurom cold press juicers.

How does the Hurom HU-100SB works?

This juicer use a slow speed juicing mechanism also known as cold press process. This typical juicing mechanism ensures that only minimal heat is produced during the process. With low heat production you can rest assured that the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes contained in your fruits and vegetables are preserved. Moreover juice produced following this process can be stored for up 72 hours without oxidation.

Who is the slow juicer Hurom for

The Hurom slow juicer is a versatile cold press juicer that can be used for juicing  wheatgrass, various fruits and vegetables. Users have reported the good performance of the Hurom cold pressed juicer for  making nut and soy milk. Which is really great for having a juicing that can perform multiple tasks not just juicing.

Is the Hurom slow juicer reliable?

According to the Euromonitor International Limited, Hurom is premier slow juicer manufacturer of the world. This is not just words, but it is true and can testify it once you get this slow juicer.

Features and specification of the Hurom HU100 Cold Press Slow Juicer

  • weight 20 pounds
  • Cold press juicer
  • works at slow speed (80 rpm), 150 watt
  • Uses a dual stage extraction process
  • comes with a self cleaning feature
  • 2 juice cups (50 ounces each)
  • User manual
  • 10 year warranty for the motor and 1 year for the parts of the juicer
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Product pros and cons about the Hurom HU-100sb


  • Does not produce foam and froth
  • Efficient juicer
  • Easy to use and to clean afterward


  • Does not work well with leafy greens and soft vegetables

Hurom juicer best price

The best price hurom slow juicer hu-100 can vary depending on the store that you shop on.

Cleaning and maintenace of the Hurom slow juicer

The cleaning of the Hurom HU-100sb is effortless and can be done in various ways. First you can use the removable parts into a dishwasher  to clean them. Alternatively you can clean them under a running tape water. Just be careful not to dump the whole juicer in water, because this can damage the electrical circuit of the motor. Moreover risk of electrocution may arise if that happen to be the case.

Final thought about the Hurom cold pressed juicer

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