Hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor (Model 67608)

Today there are so many juicers on the market that their manufacturers or retail stores claim to be the perfect juicer for your hard-earned money. This can be confusing and misleading. That’s why I look at the features of the best juicer on the market currently.  

If you are looking for the perfect cold press juicer that the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor is the right juicer for you.  Sometimes it is also called the Hamilton beach wide mouth juicer. Mostly know as the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67608A big mouth, it is an incredibly efficient centrifugal  juicer you can find on the market.

It is called “big mouth” because of its large feed tube that can accommodate fruits and vegetables of different sizes. There are several reason one might buy the Hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor, and here we describe the most important features of this juicer as well as our recommendation. It is one of the best  centrifugal juicer, which are different from masticating juicers.

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For its price, most customers consider it to be a wonderful juicer. It makes up to 24 percent more juice  most of its contenders. The Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67608 A big mouth juicer is not only used for fruits and vegetables juicing, it can also be used for other types of foods like making smoothies and so on. The Hamilton beach wide mouth juicer requires less preparation time.

Principal features of the Hamilton beach juicer big mouth 67608

  • It has an 800-watt motor  that can masticate even the toughest fruit or vegetable.
  • Powerful centrifugal juicer
  • Extra large pulp bin to collect fiber and fruit skins
  • Extra large 3 inches feed tube that can hold large fruits.
  • 20 oz juice container
  • A stainless steel cutter blades
  • Efficient cleaning brush with delicate bristles
  • Powerful 1.1 horsepower (unlike many juicers)
  • 3 years warranty from manufacturer and most retail stores
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Pros and Cons about the Hamilton beach big mouth juicer


  • Produce more juice than most of its competitors
  • Can be used for whole food juicing
  • Does not produce noise while operating
  • Powerful enough to crush even the toughest fruit
  • Produce high-quality nutrient rich juice
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts
  • Compact and slick design
  • Looks elegant on a counter top


  • Small juice container (only 20 oz)- you use your own bowl for more juice
  • Really no known disadvantages for this juicer

Care and Maintenance of the Hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor

The Hamilton beach wide mouth juicer is not very difficult to clean and maintain for long term usage. It is extremely easy  to disassemble unlike many other juicers on the market.
The different part easily be taken apart and can be cleaned in a dishwasher or even just with a running  tap water under a sink. As with any juicer or kitchenware, it is advisable to readily clean it the
Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67608 A Big Mouth to ensure its long-term durability. Just be cautious not to bring the electrical part of the juicer into close contact with water as this can result in a short circuit when you are using the juicer next time.

Conclusion about the Hamilton beach wide mouth juicer

The Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67608 A Big Mouth is an excellent buy if you really want a great juicer that is flawless. This juicer is well worth your money if having a fresh and nutritious juice is what you are looking for. It is ideal for anyone who want to make personalized juice at home. You check the button below to find the best deal for this fabulous juicer. Some people have had the Hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor for several years without any problem. So we highly recommend this juicer for you.

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