Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE 1000 Review of 2017

The Cuisinart juice extractor cje 1000  is one of the newer juicer introduced by Cuisinart. It is specifically designed for high end juice consumers. With many juicers present on the market today, consumers often have the difficulty of  finding the right juicer for their specific need. Here we are going to provide you with the Cuisinart juicer review.

There are basically two types of juicer  including cold press juicer and centrifugal juicers. The Cuisinart juicer is perfectly adapted for all types of juicing need. Although the Cuisinart juice extractor is a centrifugal juicer, it will be good to have this juicer in your kitchen.

Maybe you  are someone who always have juice in your daily meal or you may just be a casual juice lover. In all circumstances the Cuisinart CJE-1000 juice extractor  can be all what you need. The Cuisinart cje 1000 5 speed juice extractor is the best centrifugal juicer from the Cuisinart company.

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What is the Cuisinart juice extractor cje 1000 watt all about?

The Cuisinart juicer is really  good for making juice at home. No matter whether you consume juice daily or you are just a casual juice lover, this juicer  can fit your need. The Cuisinart cje-1000 can be used to juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Tougher fruits such as beet and carrot can also be used with this juicer.

How does the Cuisinart juice extractor cje-1000 works?

The Cuisinart cje-1000 uses a  centrifugal process to extract juice from your vegetable material. Typically the fruit are first  cut  into small piece and the spun at high speed to for the juice out of them. Consequently the juice produced by the Cuisinart juice extractor will be more thicker and more tasty. The motor is very powerful and runs at 1000 rpm, which is enough to crush even the toughest fruit.

Who is the cje 1000 juice extractor for

The cje 1000 juice extractor can be used for personal juicing or for small family that ave a daily demand in juice. This juicer may not work for commercial purposes. Furthermore the Cuisinart cje 1000 5 speed juice extractor does not work well if you are juicing soft fruit and vegetable.

Is the Cuisinart cje 1000 1000 watt 5 speed juice extractor reliable?

The Cuisinart cje-1000 juicer is highly appreciated by costumers. ON Amazon alone this juicer has received over thousand of review, most of which are positive.  All these people cannot be wrong about the Cuisinart cje-1000 juicer. You can rest assured that this juicer will provide you with high quality juice that you can enjoyed with your family. The Cuisinart 1000 watt juicer is highly appreciated by several customers

 Feature and specifications of the Cuisinart juicer cje-1000 Watt 

The  Cuisinart 1000 watt 5 speed juice extractor comes with many feature that are worth taking a look at.

  • Centrifugal juicer
  • Dimension: 15.3 x 11.8 x 19 inches; 14.2 pounds total weight
  • Powerful 1000 watt motor
  • Made of die cast and stainless steel
  • Comes with 5 different adjustable speeds
  • 3-inch feed chute
  • 2 liters pulp container
  • 1-quart juice pitcher
  • a cleaning brush
  • Anti drip flow spout
  • Anti frost ring
  • Safety lock
  • Foam-reducing filter basket, embedded inside the machine
  • LED light for the control of the unit
  • The parts of are BPA-free.
  • 3 years warranty
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Advantages of the Cuisinart cje-1000 juicer

The Cuisinart cje-1000 comes with many advantages. Here are the good things about this juice extractor:

  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • Elegant and looks good in the kitchen
  • Work best with with hard fruits and vegetables

The Pros and Cons of the Cuisinart juicer cje 1000 watt

As with any product, the Cuisinart juice extractor cje 1000 has some pros and cons especially when it comes to fulfilling your need. These pros and cons:

Pros of the cje 1000 watt juice extractor

  • Great juicer
  • High juicing capacity
  • Easy to operate and to clean after usage
  • Multi speed juicer that can be customized

Complaints about the cje 1000 juice extractor

  • The Cuisinart juicer cje 1000 is a little bit convoluted as compared to other models of the same brand.
  • May take up some space during storage
  • May take some times to clean as compared to other juicers
  • Does not work properly with leafy greens
  • These fact do not interfere with the performance of the Cuisinart cje 1000 5 speed juice extractor.

The 1000 watt juice extractor from Cuisinart is a good buy for those who have daily juice need.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Cuisinart juice extractor

The cje 1000 juice extractor is very easy to clean and maintained. It is similar to other centrifugal juicer like the Breville bje820xl when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. You can find a lot of reviews on Amazon about the cje 1000 juicer. Just look for the phrase “Cuisinart juice extractor reviews”

Final thoughts about the cje 1000 juice extractor

We highly recommend this juicer  if you are truly looking  for a good juicer to meet your juicing requirement. If you want to buy this juicer, you can buy it buy following the link bellow. You can also read reviews about this product before you actually buy it.

How to get Cuisinart cje 1000 5 speed juice extractor parts for replacement

In order to obtain the replacement parts of the Cuisinart cje 1000 5 speed juice extractor, you need to contact the Cuisinart company. If you bought this Cuisinart juicer from Amazon, you can reach out to the vendor and ask for guidance for the replacement parts . Usually the vendor also have replacement parts that you can order to maintain the good functioning of your juicer. If you properly maintain the Cuisinart cje 1000 juicer, it can last for long time before you even need to buy some replacement parts.

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