Bella 13984 Rocket Extract Pro Personal Blender Review 2017

The Bella 13984 rocket extract pro personal blender is a multipurpose blender that is perfectly adapted for blending or grinding various vegetables and fruits as well as a food stuff. No matter whether you are a daily juice consumer or just a casual amateur, this blender can meet your need.  It is one of those Bella popular blenders designed with mart innovation for the satisfaction of their amazing customers.It comes with many features that can undoubtedly amazed most customers. In general blenders work differently from juicers, although there are some cold press juicers that can perform blending tasks.

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Most people who bought this multipurpose blender reported that they are satisfied with their purchase mainly because of it multiple usages  and the many accessories included in the package.

Key components of the Bella 13984 rocket extract pro personal blender

  • Has a powerful 700-watt motor powerful enough to crush almost anything
  • 12 x 8.7 x 8.4 inches ; 6.4 pounds
  • Two sets of stainless steel blades, one for blending and one for grinding.
  • Dishwasher safe, parts are highly removable
  • 3 tumblers of 24 oz size
  • 2 tumblers of 12 oz size
  • Emulsifying blades
  • Travel lids to maintain safety
  • BPA  free
  • 2 years limited warranty from manufacturer and most of the retailers
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Product pros and cons about the rocket pro


  • Efficient in juicing and blending and grinding
  • Multipurpose (blending, grinding, juicing)
  • Does not produce too much sound as compared to most competitors
  • Cheaper for what it does for you
  • Perfectly adapted for individuals on the go
  • Compact size and lightweight can be easily stored
  • Many features included
  • Cheaper buy than most other blenders that do the same thing


  • Small leakage complaints from the base of the blender
  • Can be greasy  after usage and may become difficult to clean several hours after usage.
  • This blender performs a little less than the Bella 13586 rocket blender.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Bella 13984 rocket extract pro personal blender

The Bella 13984 rocket extract pro personal blender is so easy to clean and maintained. You just need to immediately clean the blender after usage to prevent the debris from hardening on the wall of the blender. The removable part of the blender can be cleaned in a dishwasher or just under a running tap water. It is always advisable to clean all kitchenware right after usage to maintain sanity and cleanliness. You should never ever dump the motor base in water as this can increase the risk of an electrical short circuit during the next usage.

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