Bella NutriPro Cold Press Juicer Review 2017

Bella Nutripro cold press juicer is an advanced masticating juicer that  is very popular for cold press juicing. It is one of best the product that Bella manufacturers have consistently worked hard to improve to meet the satisfaction of the customers. Are you looking for an excellent juicer easy to use and simple to clean, then Bella 13695 Nutripro cold press juicer is for you.  Click here to check the price on Amazon

This cold press juicer is  extremely efficient in retaining all the nutrients  from your vegetables or fruits that you juice. A cold press juicer operates by chewing or masticating fruits and vegetable to extract the juice. The process is said to be cold because the masticating does not produce heat. This preserve most of the nutrient and enzymes that you expect to get from your vegetable and fruits.

Unlike many another juicer, the Bella 13695 Nutripro cold press juicer does not utilize metallic blades and so does not produce heat. This juicing technology is unique to Bella juicers in general. It is perfect for producing cold press juice from apple, celery, cucumbers, spinach and different kinds of vegetable. With its slow speed masticating action, it ensures that most of the nutrients and enzymes in your vegetables and fruits stay intact.

Prominent features of the Bella 13695 Nutripro Cold Press Juicer

  • No blade cold press juicing technology
  • Plastic crushing auger
  • Stainless steel juice strainer
  • Product dimension 12.01 x 12.13 x 23.31 inches, 6.9kg total weight
  • Stainless steel color on the exterior part
  • Rectangular feed tube
  • 250-watt motor optimal for cold press juicing
  • Stable on countertop with jam resistance
  • It has durable stainless and ABS juicing basket
  • It has  a simple speed  with reverse function for the purpose of easy juicing
  • 1-liter juicing capacity in one run
  • BPA free
  • 5 years warranty from the manufacturer and most retail stores
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  • Produce more nutrient rich juice
  • Non  oxidable juice can stay fresh for up to 72 hours
  • Does produce noise with quiet operation
  • Durable premium plastic
  • Easy to operate and does not require a lot of preparation time
  • Dishwasher safe can also be cleaned with a running water
  • Energy efficient


  • Produce more pulp

Care and Maintenance of the Bella Nutripro juicer

The maintenance of the Bella 13695 Nutripro cold press juicer is extremely easy. The parts of the juicers are highly detachable and can be washed in a dishwasher without any fear. It is highly recommended that you regularly clean this juicer if you want to use for long term. As with any kitchenware, regular cleaning is of utmost importance for maintaining proper health and sanity.

My recommendation on buying the Bella Nutripro cold press juicer

I highly recommend buying the Bella 13695 Nutripro cold press juicer if you are looking for a simple to use the juicer that is efficient with effortless cleaning. There are extremely important reasons why you should buy the Bella 13695 Nutripro juicer. First, this juicer is very convenient in producing  fast and nutritious juice in the comfort of your home.

Because the Bella Nutripro juicer does uses only one plastic auger it ensures that most of the nutrients in your fruits or vegetables are retained. It provides you with a smooth less pulpy juice that can stay fresh for up to 72 hours and this is the main reason why the Bella Nutri pro juicer is so popular among many customers.

It is specifically dotted with an efficient induction motor that prevents oxidation. The Bella 13695 Nutripro cold press juicer is an excellent buy for its price and efficiency. I highly recommend it for you. Visit the link below to see the price and its availability.

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