Bella 13454 Juice Extractor, White with Stainless Steel Review 2017

The BELLA 13454 Juice Extractor is an excellent centrifugal juicer that allows you to quickly and quietly produce  an excellent juice in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a great juicer, then the BELLA 13454 Juice Extractor, is our recommendation for you. You do not need to spend tons of money for a juicing machine but you one that does exactly what you want. It is an excellent and easy-to-use juicer that is currently widely used  for quickly producing your own and delicious juice. We believe that the BELLA 13454 Juicer is the most economical and efficient juicer on the market right now.

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Distinct Features of the BELLA 13454 Juice Extractor

  • Powerful motor

This juicer has a powerful 600-watt motor that can easily crush most of the fruit and vegetables that are used for juicing. With two-speed control settings (low and high) you can crash not only soft vegetables but also tough ones. Low speed is typically used for leaves and non-fibrous vegetables such as  celery, parsley, cucumber lemon.This is similar to the low speed of cold press juicers.  High speed can be used for lemon, beet, carrots and many others tough fruits. A good juicer  must be able to juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and this 1000 watt juicer from Bella is able to do that.

  • Pulp bin

The BELLA 13454 Juice Extractor has a pulp bin that readily collect the fibers seeds and other stuff as the juice is being produced.

  • Extremely efficient

This juicer is extremely efficient in that it squeeze out every bit of juice from the vegetable you put in it, and you see it for yourself by looking at the pulp bin. With one load you produce up to 1 liter of juice.

  • Easy to operate

The BELLA 13454 Juice Extractor is extremely easy to operate. You just need to have vegetables ready and boom you have an excellent juice. The juicer is almost noiseless and has

  • Wide feed tube

BELLA 13454 Juice Extractor has a wide feed tube that can accommodate any small to medium size fruits. It also has  juice cup to collect the juice as it is being produced.

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Pros and Cons bout the Bella juice extractor


  • Very affordable for the value you get from it
  • Motor is very powerful and efficient in extracting juice


  • You have to take it apart for cleaning purpose, but this does not affect it efficiency at all. You have to clean any kitchenware anyway, so this is the only downside of this excellent juicer.
  • The juice pitcher located inside the machine is plastic made and, therefore, can easily become stained  if you are using colorful vegetables like beets. Washing those colorful stains can become time consuming, but using hot water can quickly remove any of those stains.

Care and maintenance of the  BELLA 13454 best juicer extractor

The BELLA 13454 Juice Extractor is extremely easy to maintain provided that you clean it after each use. The cleaning up is easy to perform, and can be done right after the juicing process is done.

The part of the juicer are easily detachable and can be used in a dishwasher or dumped in a soapy hot water.  If you use the later (soapy warm water) you can let the part stain for a few minutes before you actually clean it.

In most cases failure to regularly clean your juicer may be clogged it and with time, you may just have to throw it away.

But the base of the juicer that has the electrical component must never ever be used in  a dishwasher, as it results in damage and severe risk of electrical shock. You need to dump the pulp  after every use.

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