We are very lucky because we are one to witness the beauty of our world but most of us are taking for granted the gift to be able to see that is given to us. More and more people are experiencing sight defects or blindness because of the lack of knowledge on how to keep our eyes healthy. So what are the things we need to do in order to protect our eyes?

Do not rub it with your hands. Most of us tend to rub our eyes whenever it is itchy or we feel discomfort around its area. Our hands are very exposed to the dirt and can bring an army of bacteria which is harmful to our eyes. By rubbing it in your eyes the bacteria might stick to it and cause some problems if it is itchy use a clean towel and cleanse it with clean water.

If your work makes you be exposed in the computer all day then you must know how to protect your eye. Don’t be too near to your monitor make a distance for about 3 feet from your eyes to the monitor because the lighting can harm your eyes, also make sure your room has the proper lighting so that your eyes will not just focus on the light of the monitor which is very strenuous to your eyes. Take breaks when your eyes are starting to get teary and if you feel that it is hurting.

For girls that are wearing makeup very often make sure your makeup has a reliable brand to back it up especially if you put it near your eyes. Some of the make-ups that are in the market can cause an allergic reaction to your eyes. And don’t ever forget to wash out your make up before going to sleep.

Sleep right, get enough sleep where your eyes can relax. Just like our body our eyes needs to rest also and while we sleep it recharges also.

Your food is also a key factor in keeping your eyes healthy. Have a healthy diet, start by eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables which contains vitamins that can benefit the eye. Quit eating foods that are unhealthy.

Quit smoking. A study shows that smoking makes a person more at risk of cataract. By not smoking not just you keep your eyes healthy but also your lungs and other parts of your body.

Make sure you drink the right amount of water your body needs. Our eyes need fluid also so make sure you stay hydrated.

If you plan to take your vacation in a sunny place like the beach make sure you protect your eyes from too much UV exposure. Wearing reliable eyeglasses will do or limit yourself on staying under the heat of the sun for a long period of time.

Always consult your doctor if you feel any discomfort with your eyes. Do not act on your own whenever you feel something is wrong with your eyes.