Smiling is one way to say that you are happy but how can you smile with confidence if you have bad teeth? Our teeth are not just meant for this but it is also part of our digestive system which helps us digest the food we eat every day. Having bad teeth can cause bad breath and extreme pains you do not want to experience, so how what are the things you need to do in order to keep your teeth healthy?

This may be obvious but the most common thing you can do is brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth will most likely the first thing your dentist will recommend to you. Brush your teeth at least two times a day and make sure you brush it correctly, by brushing your teeth in the right way it will two minutes. Make sure that you brushed all the possible spots that bacteria might stay and also make sure to use the right brand of toothpaste and toothbrush.

Stop smoking. Oral cancer is the most dangerous disease you can get by smoking but there are also chemicals from the cigarette that can harm your teeth and it can also cause you to have a bad breath. Drinking too much alcohol can also contribute to damaging your teeth.

Control eating sweet foods. Eating sweet foods just as candy can harm your teeth, the sugar can create acids which harm the teeth if not remove right away. If you eat sweet foods make sure to clean your mouth as soon as you are done by brushing.

If you are in a contact sport make sure to wear a mouthpiece. Make sure that it fits you right and you are wearing the right kind. It can damage your teeth if it will be hit by a force enough to shatter or break it.

Avoid drinking cold water after drinking a hot beverage. Just like other things your teeth might not handle its cold resistance when drinking a cold water right after drinking a hot one. Your teeth might break.

Visit your dentist at least once every two months even if you don’t feel discomfort. This can help prevent some teeth illness which you can only notice when you are already suffering from the pain that comes with it.

Getting a healthy diet is a big help for our teeth. Our teeth need calcium in order to stay hard so that means drinking more milk and other dairy products is very important that is why to start stocking up your fridge with cheese, yogurt and many more that is high in calcium.

Eating gum is not that bad at all but make sure the gum you are eating is not that sweet. By eating a gum it helps clean the teeth and help our mouth produce saliva which helps our teeth by protecting it from different kinds of bacteria which contributes for some of the illness we can get to our teeth.