Prostate cancer is one of the biggest human killers today, according to study it is the second most common type of cancer among men. The prostate is an organ which is located under our bladder which is responsible for producing semen. As we age we are more prone to this kind of disease. Statistics says that when you rich the age of sixty, out of one hundred men six will probably get prostate cancer. There is no proven medicine to prevent cancer but at least there are some tips for us to higher our chances to avoid having one.

Red foods such as tomatoes. Foods such as tomatoes and watermelon and other foods that have a red color have an antioxidant called lycopene. A study shows that men that eat tomato-based products have a lesser chance to have prostate cancer. It is also more effective if we cook the tomato because our body can absorb the lycopene easily if it is cooked. The redder the tomato is the better it is.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of nutrients we get from eating fruits and vegetables compared to other foods which will help lessen the risk of prostate cancer. Green vegetables have compounds that help protect our body to cancer-causing substances which are called carcinogen. Eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day instead of junk food and processed food is much better.

Stop smoking. Smoking means a step closer to such a disease, it is never too late to stop so while you are young try to slowly stop and prevent something bad to happen.

Drinking coffee is recommended. A study says that making drinking coffee a habit is a very big help to lessen the risk of having prostate cancer. Drinking more coffee means the better help but too much will get you other diseases so balance it. The recommended amount of coffee is one and a half cup per day because having a high dosage of caffeine can affect your heart. The quality of the coffee will also be a factor, have a brewed coffee instead of having coffee made in a different way. Drinking coffee that has been processed in a factory may contain substances that may harm your body and can also higher the risk of prostate cancer.

Fat can be dangerous. A study shows that having too much animal fat intake can higher the risk of having a prostate cancer. It is recommended to substitute animal fat with plant-based fat such as olive oil instead of butter, fruits instead of candy, but instead of cheese. Also, take note that overcooking meat can produce substances that can higher the risk of cancer.

Regularly visit your doctor. Visit your doctor if you feel some irregularity from your body. The doctor will know what test they will give you and can give you advice on the things you should do. The doctor will give you a program based on the result of your test.