Diabetes is a very deadly disease that kills people all over the world. It has many bad effects on our body including blindness, kidney failure, and heart diseases if not attended. There are a lot of ways in order to avoid such disease and here are the following.

Avoid too much sugar and refined carbs. Eating sweet foods and refined carbs are the fastest way for you to get diabetes. Your body will immediately make these foods into sugar molecules which the bloodstream absorbs. By the time your blood sugar rises our body stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, insulin is responsible for getting rid of the sugar in the bloodstream. It is very important to minimize the intake of these kinds of food.

Exercise regularly. Being in good shape by performing physical activities on a regular basis can help you prevent diabetes. By exercising our cell’s insulin becomes more sensitive means by exercising our body will need less insulin to keep our blood sugar normal. A study says that exercising can increase insulin sensitivity by up to thirty-five percent. Even though this only happens to your body in the day you exercise so it is good to make it daily or even up to five times a week. Exercising does not only make you prevent diabetes but it has a lot of benefits as well.

Make water your best friend. Drinking water instead of sodas or artificial juices is a very big help because as we all know these kinds of drink contain too much sugar which is the main cause of diabetes. By drinking water, it helps cleanse your body and does not have any harmful substance with it. So stop buying sodas today and make water your primary beverage. A study also shows that drinking water can increase blood sugar control and insulin response.

If your fat the start thinking to lose weight. Being fat does not mean you automatically get a type 2 diabetes but you are at more risk. There is a fat called visceral fat which is found at our organs such as the liver. Having too much visceral fat can result in inflammation and insulin resistance which can increase the risk of having diabetes. Losing for even one kilo is a very big help to avoid diabetes, know your normal weight for your height and age and work out until you get it, the more you lose weight the more chance of you to avoid diabetes.

If you’re a smoker then stop. Although smoking is not a primary cause of diabetes it has a lot of substances that can lead you to many dangerous diseases. Being exposed to 2nd hand smoke can put you at risk on type 2 diabetes even though it has not been proven yet. But is a very big boost on your body if you quit smoking. Start thinking this, you don’t get any from smoking you just lose your money and lose some of your time in your lifespan.