Having a clean environment helps us avoid diseases which a dirty environment brings. It is safe to say that as years go by the level of pollution in our world has drastically increased so how are we going to help the earth to survive and to help our newer generation enjoy a clean environment and free from illness.

Turn off your appliances if not used. Save energy, manufacturing companies today do their best to create appliances that are eco-friendly and has less energy consumption. But we need to take part of it also, the best thing we can do is turn off every appliance every time it is not being used.

If you can afford to walk going to somewhere instead of using your car then do so it not just helps you exercise a bit but it has a very big help for the environment. By using your car less you can help minimize the air and noise pollution, car’s smoke is very harmful to our ozone layer which contributes to the global warming and the smoke also can cause other diseases especially to people who have a low immune system. Using electric powered vehicles can be good also but the nothing beats riding a bicycle.

Avoid burning woods to cook. Burning woods can generate smoke that is very harmful not just for your lungs but also the ozone layer as well. Use an energy efficient appliance instead.

Replace old light bulbs with a new one. Old light bulbs consume more energy than the newer one and the light is the most used thing in the house the needs electricity. By changing you can help conserve energy.

Proper segregation of your waste. Make it a habit to not just throw your garbage anywhere you want, throw it in a proper place like a garbage can. Also, it is very important if you start segregating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Recycling is also very good for our environment, it just not helps us to have less waste but you can make more useful things out from it.

Be organic, an exam is using an eco-friendly pesticide instead of using company made. It has a lot of chemicals which can harm and result in air pollution. There are also products that are eco-friendly if you want to save time by making one of your own but be sure to use them instead of the traditional once.

Have a garden, having a garden do not just make your home a healthier place but you can enjoy it as well. You can plant anything you want from fruits to vegetables which you can harvest to save money instead of buying and it can also help the ecosystem as well. Try not to use chemicals that are harmful if you want to fertilize your plants instead you can use cow’s stool for fertilizers instead of the chemical once.

Practice using solar-powered gadgets, from your cell phone to your flashlight there are a lot of solar-powered gadgets out there in the market today.