Men’s grooming products are so popular because they allow men to get the perfect look in a fraction of the time. There was a time when people used blades and shaved their beards and mustaches manually. This process was time-consuming and the results were not always satisfactory. Electric shavers allow you to get the perfect look that you’ve always wanted without wasting much time or energy.

An electric shaver allows you to have a clean and precise cut that you can easily adjust to get the look you’ve always wanted. You can do this fast and with minimum effort and you can do it any time of the day even if you are in a hurry.

Why Do I need to Choose the Best Electric Shaver?

Electric shavers come in all shapes and sizes. But you need to be extremely careful about picking the right one. The most suitable electric shaver for you might not suit your friend. It is all about what you personally like and prefer in addition to the style that you want to achieve.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver?

The price might be the first thing to consider before you buy a product. But a low-quality electric shaver will not last for long and will have to be replaced often. You should make sure that you are buying a high-quality model that can last for years. There are a few tips that you can follow in order to pick the best electric shaver. Understanding your purpose of shaving and why exactly you need the electric shaver will help you pick the best one.

Purpose of Shaving:

What is your purpose for buying an electric shaver? This is the first question you should ask yourself before picking one. Do you like to have a clean shave? A lot of men prefer to keep their faces hair-free and completely smooth. If this is the case, then you can pick the Phillips 7200 series. It will allow you to get a clean cut as it grabs all the hair thanks to its vacuum system. If you like to trim the hair or keep it short, you should invest in a machine that has nice and reliable combs that will allow you to cut the hair according to your personal preference.

The style you prefer will have a great effect on your purchase decision. There are a lot of good machines that can do both. Pick one that can work for your own shaving purposes.


There are 2 types of shavers on the market; foil blade razors and rotary shavers. Foil blade razors have a foil that prevents the blade from getting into direct contact with the skin. They are suitable for people who have sensitive skin or suffer from breakouts. They will allow you to get the clean shave you’ve always wanted without irritating your skin or causing any rashes. They might not work very well for trimming long hair. You have to cut the hair short first.

Rotary shavers have spinning discs that float. They can be perfectly adjusted to the contours of your face. These can reach the hair in the hardest to reach places and will give you an outstanding result from the first go. Rotary shavers can trim long hair with no problems whatsoever. They are also perfect for people whose hair grow in different directions. You won’t have to go over the same area twice to make sure that all the hair is trimmed and cut.

Wet and Dry Shaving:

If you have sensitive skin or like to save time, you should look for a shaver that you can use in the shower. This is a wet/dry electric shaver that you can use wherever you like. The water will moisture the hair. Also, hot water from the shower will help open up the pores for a flawless and quick shave.

Some models are only used when dry. These are best for people who like to use shaving gel and cream. If you are using a wet shaver, you should be careful about using your favorite shaving cream as some of them don’t work this way. If you are using a wet/dry electric shaver, you should make sure that it is not plugged for safety reasons.

Power Supply:

This is one of the most important factors to consider especially if you are a frequent traveler. There are basically three types of electric shavers on the market; the battery-powered models, the cordless models that need to be charged and the corded models.

A plug-in model needs to be fully charged before you can use it. This means that if you are going away from home, you need to make sure that you will have the chance to recharge it when needed. Most models can go for one hour before the shaver needs to be recharged. A charge can last for a weekend away from home.

Corded models are not very practical because you will always have to look for a power source. If you are always on the go, this might not be the most convenient option. The cord will limit the use of the shaver even when there is a power source that operates at a different current.

Battery operated models are suitable for people who are going to spend a time away from home with no access whatsoever to electricity. They can also be used at home so you won’t have to worry about using a power source or recharging your shaver before each use. You will, however, spend money to replace the batteries every now and then.

You should always clean your electric shaver after every use. People, who suffer from skin infections, acne or have sensitive skin, should pay attention to the way they clean the electric shaver. Some shavers are easier to clean than others. Some of the latest models also have their own cleaning stations. Always make sure that your shaver is easy to hold and control. It should be able to reach all the places you need to reach for maximum convenience.