What is intermittent fasting? It is an eating pattern which you control from eating time and fasting time. It is not a form of diet which disallows you to eat certain types of food it is just about eating and not eating. This is a form of fasting which people use in order to lose weight or maintain their weight. Sounds easy right? But what are the advantages and disadvantages of intermittent fasting?

A good way to fight type 2 diabetes. You may be aiming to lose weight that is why you use intermittent fasting but it is also a good way to prevent type 2 diabetes. Intermittent fasting minimizes insulin resistance and helps regulate the regular blood level. A study shows that it helps minimize insulin resistance for up to thirty percent.

It helps to lower your cholesterol. Eating less means having lower cholesterol intake in your body which helps your body get rid of that excess visceral fat. This means that it helps your organ to be healthy.

Some extra benefits. Intermittent fasting can help our digestive system to have some extra rest during fasting hours which is good. It helps a person to enhance its overall health. It also reduces the stress in our body and helps us recover faster from a physical activity. It is also a good way to prevent cancer and heart disease, it is because it affects our metabolism that is beneficial to our body.

The downside. Going into intermittent fasting does not mean it does not have any negative effect on you. One is the schedule and timing of your meals, it can be very obsessive for example if your schedule of eating is 12 noon then at 11 you are already very hungry you tend not to eat. It is also bad not to eat when you are very hungry it can cause headaches or some even can pass out. Also, you can’t eat at family gatherings or birthday parties when it is your fast time which sounds very annoying.

Making up to the hunger. Some of us tend to do this and is guilty of it, eating too much even when you are full just to make up your appetite coming from your fasting hours. This is not good for you, not just it does not help you lose weight but it can also trigger some disease coming from overeating. It is also very annoying when you have a physical activity during your fast hours, it makes you have less energy and it makes you even hungrier once you engage in some physical activities.

Hormone imbalance. This will be more often to occur in women, hormone imbalance can affect the usual menstrual cycle for women and for some men it can reduce testosterone. It can also give you insomnia and can bring you such stress. Overweight people are the most beneficiary on intermittent fasting but they are also the once the will suffer the cons of it.